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In traditional western medicine, most patients are not treated as a whole being. The patient is taught that there is a governing authority (doctor, medical institution, or pharmaceutical company) that regulates IF they heal, or HOW they heal as if the patient is lacking some mythical component that keeps them from optimal health.

As a student in chiropractic school, it was strongly recommended that I never share personal details about my journey to wellness once I became a Doctor. As an eager healer with a new practice, I took that advice literally and erected walls between patients and myself thinking it was the “best practices” thing to do. It wouldn’t be long after I started practicing, that I felt a serious need for alignment in my approach to healing.

The Human being is physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. At Body and Soul Health Care, we target all elements of the whole being as critical components to wellness, in addition to traditional physical pain relief.

As an experienced practitioner, I find that wholeness for myself and patients is more easily realized when I allow for healthy personal intersections beyond the appointment, giving a front row seat to my journey to those I’ve been blessed to encounter in life. Holistic work is exhaustive, it requires vulnerability, and energy but yields the most rewarding results as it produces residual healing to our whole being instead of pampering isolated segments that are under temporary discomfort. After all most discomfort is a byproduct of a deeper core issue. I seek to do more than put a “bandaid” on your pain.


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