Dr. Sheila Crowe is a board certified Chiropractic physician with over 16 years of clinical experience and founder of Body and Soul Health Care. She is a celebrated and uplifting Chiropractor, who has been given the gifts of empathy, communication and healing.

“To become optimally healthy and happy each of us must get clear about the ways in which our history both influences and shapes our current state of health, our beliefs and how we live our lives. Each person who heals themselves helps heal all of us; those who came before us and all of those who will come after us. It is my job to facilitate this healing by delving into your history, detecting and helping remove the obstacles to holistic health. I’ve been keenly interested in the link between mind & body since I could read. I spent countless hours pouring over medical texts and natural healing textbooks taking in information that I felt was reminding me of something I already knew long before my first diagnosis class. I believe that we are all born knowing how to heal. We also know what makes us happy and what our dreams are. However, through media, social and cultural conditioning, we are often times led astray and lose sight of who we are and just how powerful we are. Our bodies were built to heal and I am here to remind you that you are closer than you know to being whole.”

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